Quilt Show 2019

October 4th and 5th
10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Memorial Hall
 212 W. 8th Street, Joplin, Missouri, 64801

Admission - $7
Featuring an Opportunity Quilt, Silent Auction, Certified Quilt Appraiser, Basket Walk, and a Marketplace with our wonderful Vendors!
The Joplin Area Town and Country Quilters

Opportunity Quilt 2019
We want to congratulate Joyce Row from Pittsburgh, KS, the lucky winner of our 2019 opportunity quilt!
Quilt Show Rules

The Quilt Show judge will be AQS certified.

Any entry to be judged must have been completed within the last two years unless by invitation from the Quilt Show chair.

All entries to be displayed in the show must be clean and free of pet hair and odors.  This includes quilts in the Antique and Youth categories.  Quilts deemed unacceptable will be politely and promptly refused and returned to the entrant.

A $5.00 entry fee will be charged for each item entered to be judged in the Quilt Show.   Only two items per category may be entered for judging. 

The Youth Quilter category is limited to those 18 years and younger.  All entrants in the Youth category will receive an honorable mention and receive a critique from the judge.  The entry fee will be waived for the Youth category.

Antique quilts entered will be displayed but not judged and must be at least 50 years old.

All quilts must be constructed of three layers of fabric (top, batting and backing) secured with quilting.  They must be tied, quilted by hand, machine, or both.

The entrant must have actively participated in the construction and/or quilting of an entry.  Items made by a third party will not be judged.

In the case where more than one person participated in the construction and/or quilting of the entry, there will only be one award presented to the entrant.

The Quilt Show judge and/or registration committee reserve the right to move an entry to a different category other than the one in which it was entered.

 If four or less items are entered into a category, the judge and/or the registration committee reserve the right to combine categories. 

The Quilt Show judge and/or registration committee reserve the right to refuse to hang any item deemed inappropriate.

2019 Quilt Show Categories

  • 100     Hand quilted (hand or machine pieced)
  • 200     Pieced, machine quilted with a perimeter* of 160” or less
  • 300     Pieced, machine quilted with a perimeter of 161” to 279”
  • 400     Pieced, machine quilted with a perimeter of 280” or more
  • 500     Appliqued, pieced and quilted by one person
  • 600     Appliqued, pieced and quilted by two or more people
  • 700     Baby/crib quilt, intended for babies
  • 800     Youth quilters, 18 years and younger.  Not judged but receive critique
  • 900     First quilt, over 18 years old with less than three years of experience
  • 1000   Mix technique, cathedral, yo-yo, machine or hand embroidery, whole cloth, crayon, or photo transfer.
  • 1100   Art quilt, original design, any technique, maximum perimeter 240”
  • 1200   Modern quilt, modern design, expansive negative space, perimeter 160” or larger.
  • 1300   Wall hanging with a perimeter of 120” or less
  • 1400   Wall hanging with a perimeter of 121” to 159”
  • 1500`  Miniature quilts, individual blocks 4” or less
  • 1600   Wearable items - worn or carried
  • 1700   Decorative items - table runners, pillows, etc.
  • 1800   Antique quilts, for display only and not judged.  At least 50 years old.

Categories may be combined if four or less quilts are entered in one category.

An item may be moved to a different category than the one entered at the discretion of the judge.

*The perimeter is the sum of all four sides added together.

Quilt Registration Information
Registration for the 2019 Quilt Show will take place on: 
Monday, 30 September 2019 from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM
Tuesday, 01 October 2019 from 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM

Registration will take place at Memorial Hall in Joplin. 
The entry fee for the 2019 Quilt Show is $5 per judged entry. Non-judged entries have no entry fee. 
Vendor Information
Our biennial quilt shows could never be the success they are without the assistance of our generous vendors. We want to invite all prospective vendors to please contact us as soon as possible to secure your space at the show. The following vendors have already committed to attending the show, and we look forward to seeing them there! 

Andy's Custom Sewing Furniture - Topeka, KS
Bob's Shop - Pittsburgh, KS
Heavenly Notions - Granby, MO  
Kimono Designs by Theresa Gallup - Springfield, MO  
Overbrook Quilt Connection - Overbrook, KS  
Piece of Heaven - Mountainberg, AR 
Quilts 'n Crafts by Leona - Carl Junction, MO  
Rocking Chair Quilts - Butler, MO 
Sewing Machine Express - Springfield, MO 
Under the Hill Woodworking - Siloam Springs AR 
    If you're interested on what you missed out on in 2017, check out our gallery below!